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The Paradigm Shifts are truly dramatic.
19th century - Wealthiest Person in the World - John Rockefeller in oil.
20th Century - Wealthiest Person in the World - Sultan of Brunie - Oil & Land.
21st Century - World's wealthiest person - Bill Gates - A Knowledge Worker.
Land, labour and capital less important than technology in 21st Century.
Vaish community has a chance to become a leader in India and Globally .
Set the process of creating the Knowledge Society in place with speed and determination.
Shift the Emphasis to defining the purpose of the All India Vaish Federation.

Need of Hour

Setting the right process and getting the right people.
Include & involve Innovative Leaders & Dreamers.
True innovators are those who refuse to pressure quo.
Need to create a new set of leaders.
Who are visionaries and thinkers.
Capable of thinking of impossible and inspiring people to make it happen.

Why the Need

Innovation brings in spontaneity and exceptionality.
Standard management practices, based on Avoiding Conflict.
Innovators are bound to create conflict.
Standard Management Practice is based on how well a job done.

Optiios to Us

Live in Status quo and continue to suffer.
Unite and show the strength with innovation to the World.
Choice is yours.

Vision - 2008

Awareness of Vaish Federation across country and globally.
Interaction with Market-Leading Industry Professionals.
Cross-Branding & Joint Promotions.
Setting up dedicated head office and state offices in all state capitals.
Operational and Technical Support to all offices.
Platform and regular interaction with members.
Continuously program and Training to members.
Intellectual and social leadership in the socity.
Regional coordination and fund raising committee.
Productive and performing people incubation.
Member Satisfaction and feedback system

Reward and Recognition

Awards and felicitations to the performing members every in different categories.
Coverage of achievements in Print and electronic media regularly and prominently.
Scholarship to deserving Vaish talent.
Informative and study tours.
Support and Guidance to Unemployed Vaish.

Important to be in Touch

Information on important issues, events , activities, press releases etc. to all regular.
Web portal to interact and exchange all relevant information with special member user ID to protect exclusivity where ever necessary.
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