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National General Secretary


Respected all Brother's & Sister's of VAISH COMMUNITY in India & in World, (Humble Appeal)

We all are Vaish -25 crore plus people who constitute largest group of committed and patriot citizens. We have always stood behind every call of the nation. From cultural entourage to social development, from religious patronage to freedom struggle from economic empowerment to scientific wisdom, we have made our mark.

But we are at crossroad today. We are known as reservoir of excellence in trade and industry, yet Government doesn't consider us worth consulting for framing rules and laws of trade. Riches have always been by our sides, yet we are sidelined today. We believing in owning by achievement, while others believe in claiming by appeasement. We are the largest electoral pool, yet we don't have political support to safeguard our interests. Can we really continue to work and grow without understanding the true & complex intricacy of political, economical and social paradox?
The need of hour is that we stand united. The call of hour is that strong, leading and guiding force of our community must come to rescue the weaker sections of our community. The industrialist and wealthy people should contribute money; the intelligentsia and administratively powerful people should lend their guiding skills and helping spirit for community while comman man should stand up for their tryst with destiny now.

And here comes the platform to seek solutions. The All India Vaish Federation has come a long way to become icon of Vaish Welfare and unity at National level. The Federation carries a strong faith of and renders affiliation to Associations/ Units / Forums of all 373 plus subsections/ castes of Vaish community across the world.

We request you to become the Chief Patron/Patron Member/Associate Member/Life Member of the Federation to demonstrate your strong will and inspiration for the cause or contribute to the AIVF by way of advertising your Company/Product by putting up the advertising in our monthly magazine or donating the desired amount. The membership fees of the Federation is as follows :

  Chief Patron : Rs. 1,01,000/-  
  Patron : Rs. 51,000/-  
  Associate Member : Rs. 21,000/-  
  Life Member : Rs. 1,100/-  
The catalogue containing eye-opener facts about our own Vaish Community is along with Membership form are enclosed herewith for your ready reference. We hope that you will definitely become the member of this organization.

"Your cooperation will provide new motivation, unity and confidence to your own community."

We look forward to have a permanent dialogue and communication channel with you.

With regards,
Gopal M. Mor
National General Secretary
Mob.: +91 9848055751
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