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Presidents Appeal


Honorable Vaish Brothers,

From time immemorial the Vaish clan (Community) had a very important place in the global social organisation, as the whole economy of the society-from production to distribution has been revolving around the community. In olden times in our country the Vaish were called 'Shreshtha' meaning thereby that their place was very high & respectable in the society. In the courts of the kings they were represented. The importance of the community even today is the same or may be even more but the respect is not the same. Why?

Today the vaish community in all spheres of li Today the vaish community in all sphere of life is establishing new standards of success not only in production & distribution but in Education, Arts, Medicine, Technology, Politics, Administration, Journalism etc., In all these walks of life they have achieved notable distinction and registered their presence. In the field of 'social Service' it seems that they have the monopoly. For the spiritual and cultural upliftment what this community has done, is the envy of others and none can claim even equality.
  Sri Gireesh  Kumar Sanghi (MP)
Despite doing so much & being so helpful the community has not been given due recognition by the government and the society. The reason is simple that it is not does not speak in one voice-the united one. It is fragmented in many camps and mutual competition has gone very deep into the psyche. All the political parties utilize this internl strife and fragmentation for their own benefit and in exchange the community is left in lurch.The administration and the governent take the community as a golden egg laying hen or a diamond mine. They are always twisting the community's arms to squat the optimum benefits.

So if the Vaish Community has to save itself from the administrative harassment and also to regain its high and respectable place again in the society, then it has to be united and be one. It has to rise above the petty mutual competition and direct its energies towards international competition in trade, commerce and in all other vocations that emerging important today. So with folded hands I submit and obediently insist that my brotheren stand together, be united and come forward with all your might to regain our respectable place in the society.

It is really praise worthy that different camps of the Vaish Community have started thinking in terms of the unity. A powerful beginning can be seen in the formation of the All India Vaish Maha Sammelan. But a lot remains to be done. I entreat you, invite all the camps, clans and organizations to come under the All India banner of Vaish Community and to recognize your invincible power. This campaign has to be made a movement. Therefore, I request that at least one person from each Vaish family must take active part in this work and cooperate in making the community united and strong.

The old saying is- 'Sanghe shaktih Kalau Yage' In this rea the power lies in unity. If we wants to regain our old place and respect in the society and if we want to be in the forward line of the future National Development then we have to take the vow of being united.

So come forward my brotheren and let us pledge ourselves to lay the foundation stone of the golden future of our people & the country.
Thanking you
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